Rasmus Svensson

Who am I?

My name is Rasmus Svensson, but I often go by the nickname raek (occasionally raekmannen). I attend my fifth year at the Computer Engineering curriculum at Linköping University, Sweden.

I also have a blog

What do I do?

I like code.

These are the projects that I have actually finished:

utf8-with-fallback – A family of charsets for Java or the JVM
This library provides a family of decoding charsets which work just like UTF-8, but falls back to another charset (for example ISO 8859-1) for invalid sequences. This can be particularly useful in situations where multiple charsets are in use at the same place, such as old file formats or protocols with undefined or broken coding semantics.

Projects I have contributed to:

irclj – An IRC bot library for Clojure
I have been involved in making the bot aware of when it gets disconnected and in some planning for the future of the library.
clojure – A Lisp hosted on the JVM
Literally, a pair of bug reports and fixes.

Some of my ongoing projects:

map-exception – A proposal for an error handling system for Clojure
Clojure is an awesome programming language, but due to technical complications, it does not currently have any obvious one-to-rule-them-all facility for signalling and handling errors. This library is an exploration of what such a thing could look like.
thiudinassus – A computer version of the board game Carcassonne
I'm writing it in Clojure.
gophure – A Gopher client library for Clojure
Gopher is a very simple and interesting protocol. No programming language is complete without a Gopher library.
impojure – A library for reading and writing Java class files
My intention for this Clojure library is to make it simple to create a toy language and have it compile into Java bytecode. It could also be used to make tools that analyze existing Java bytecode.